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Online gaming has made headway over the past few years. Tento is one such interesting gaming platform that has a number of Quizzes where thousands of players compete in real-time to answer and win exciting cash prizes.

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As there is a boom in the online gaming market there are many companies who have entered the market. The biggest challenge for Tento was how we can differentiate this from its peers in the gaming industry. Tento wanted to create a knowledge based betting platform to win money.


The Goal was to develop a compelling gaming experience through a mobile application where players can compete in real time. They wanted users to play 1v1 quizzes by paying/betting and win money everyday with leaderboard. To be a Dream11 of the Quizzing world.


To draw inspiration for improvement of UI and prioritize design features, we played the games ourselves and got an overview of the expected user experience. We created the web application and mobile app interesting and involving which justified the platform’s changing themes based on games in real time basis. We utilized cutting-edge technologies like GraphQL, Hasura to build a robust real-time gaming platform without any latency. With features like wallet, leaderboard, bot mode, free mode, power-ups -> we built an all in all packed gaming experience.

Current Status

Tento successfully made a lot of users and built traction and are on their way to raise funds for the next level of growth and league.


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