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Vistas Media Capital

Vistas Media Capital is a media content and technology company, headquartered in Singapore, that operates and invests in ventures across the ecosystem of the global media and entertainment industry. The businesses and venture investments are diversified across Global Content Production and Distribution, Streaming Platforms across video and music, Animation & VFX Studio, Blockchain Technology and NFT (Non-Fungible Token), Gaming, Digital Media Marketing, Events and Award IPs.

Problems faced

Vistas media capital is a well known listed client on Singapore stock exchange. They needed a website to update the information about its ongoing business decisions to its investors and exchange. As the firm is a publicly listed firm every investor will go through its website, so it needs to be user friendly and easily consumable with design.


The goal was to create an elegant and beautiful design which is easy to navigate. It has to be dynamic with a CMS built to manage the news and other content on the website.


We created a simple UI/UX that was minimal, elegant and content driven. The CMS was built on top of the custom template crafted by the designers to prove useful for quick content updates. The responsiveness, accessibility, micro animations and completeness of the website was brought into place after carefully curated content and images were uploaded.

Current Status

Vistas Media Capital is a successful SPAC with continuous expansion in the MENA region. They continue to find and acquire more companies to their portfolio.


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