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WeeW foundation

WeeW Foundation is a NGO Trust aimed at empowering the YOUTH and citizens at large. Its Mission and Vision statement revolves around the concept of ‘We-care’. The only way to achieve that is to ‘weave’ all you good souls in this mission together, thus the name WeeW! India is the youngest power packed nation in the entire world right now. The power of youth should be maneuvered to shape the nation’s development. WeeW aims and strives to remove the crutches of stressed youth and empower them through access to relevant education.

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The problem WeeW Foundation was facing was a lack of digital platforms to express their voice and gather members for their community. They found it close to impossible to speak the truth through the media out there and also manage memberships in Excel sheets with manual payments.


Goal We wanted to create a portal to manage memberships and applications that were coming through the platform. Additionally, build a custom CMS – Content Management System to manage content through the site.


Nyx Wolves initially studied the mission and vision of the foundation to develop a deep understanding about the long term and short term goals of the foundation. Laravel based CMS seemed to be the best fit for our clients’ needs. Each and every section of the site is easily editable. We designed the structure of the website for easy navigation. The site is also capable of rendering optimal viewing experience on a variety of devices to the visitors. It had membership management features with Payment Gateway, OTP Authorization and Access to Premium pages post login.

Current Status

WeeW Foundations’ current web portal is used to post the content they require and attract members into their registration process.


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