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WondrYears - Lets learn together

Wondryears is a buzzing platform for creators and learners. We use technology to connect children, teenagers and parents to providers of the most enriching growing up experiences. WondrYears is an online inclusive community connecting young minds to creators and teachers of skills and hobbies. We strive to inspire creativity and encourage the seekers to learn new skills, explore and adapt to new ideas, and discover new worlds.

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This was a learning community which was active on an offline way of teaching but as the COVID-19 was around the world. They wanted to move online as the learning of the community should not stop. They wanted to cater each age group differently with different forms of learning and products too.


Nyx Wolves catered their needs by providing them with the web application and dashboard for suppliers & admins where people of different ages can choose the mentors to learn different experiences and skills. This helped them to reach their community in most difficult times. The platform was built for students and course creators who provided video content as well as supplied physical products for the children community. The platform was integrated with Payment Gateway, Video Streaming Service and Shiprocket (delivery partner) for seamless end-to-end Integration of theri SaaS model.

Current status

The business had amazing growth due to online presence as parents are happy that their kids can utilize their time and procure organized content. WonderYears has gone on growing their partnerships with international organizations.


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