Virtual invites for
memorable moments


The infamous COVID-19 was a tough time for the entire world, with social distancing and travel restrictions. This restriction curbed families’ wish to invite loved ones to their celebrations in person. And that gave rise to PaperDateCo, whose motive is to make digital invitations personal. and as customizable as possible to give the guests the same feeling of elation as opening a physical invite.


Key Requirements

Nyx Wolves’ objective was to create a web application similar to the leading design template. platforms, to create invites digitally by and for consumers and send them as animations or videos. or design via email. The requirement was also to enable users to customize the invites as per their preference.

Our Solution

We built a robust web application that acts as a design tool for both the customers and designers to build and use from a stack of digital invite templates.

The web app also facilitates and encourages a community of designers who come together and produce beautiful designs, thereby giving its users variety.

The customers can choose their desired invitation from a pre-uploaded heap of designs and can tailor it to their liking.

This process is further made easier when they use a variety of dashboards and the customizer. layout to preview the animated experience before proceeding to purchase the e-invite. The web The app also lets users share their invites through mail without hassle.

Design Process

Transforming invitations into celebrations


The currently live web application has over 1000 happy consumers who benefitted from PostDateCo with more than 800 design templates ready to serve.

Tech Stack

AWS services used

Amazon EC2

To host the dashboard and backend services

Amazon S3

To store media files