Insuring the world the easier way


Founded in 2016, Briisk is a late-stage InsurTech startup operating from Cape Town, London, Bangalore, Istanbul, Munich and Nairobi. With a team of over 20 focusing on emerging markets today, Briisk is passionate about creating innovative digital insurance and cutting-edge distribution solutions to enable their clients to digitise products at a lower cost and to scale distribution faster. Being experts in financial services, they help their clients automate processes, digitise and innovate products and explore new distribution channels, thereby reducing cost, increasing revenue and delivering more value for their customers.


Key Requirements

Our objective was to reinforce Briisk’s competitive edge in the insurtech market and boost customer engagement by aiding them with our technical and resource support.

Our Solutions

Nyx stepped in as an extended team and integration partner to offer our services and help. Briisk refines and defines their KPIs and core.
We rendered end-to-end support for updating and customizing websites for their clients, which greatly reduced the pressure of constant changes.
We took part in SCRUM calls and employed Agile methodologies for faster results and to get back on track with the flow and timelines.
By providing a dedicated team of experts we backed up Briisk and worked alongside them to support the development life cycle and various other requirements.

Design Process

This project involved teamwork between UI and UX designers to create an innovative solution. Our business and growth team stayed in constant communication, providing valuable insights throughout the process.

Tech Stack

Current Status

We are currently working with Briisk as a technology partner and providing them with increased resource support. In the months that we have been working at Briisk, we were able to relieve the InsurTech is facing mounting strain, and we are in the process of expanding by recruiting and managing resources for them.