Intelligent Stethoscope
with Integrated EKG


HD Medical, a Silicon Valley-based medical equipment manufacturer, is a leader in digital health solutions and AI-enabled detection and management of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Their flagship product – the HD Steth, is a one-of-a-kind digital stethoscope that helps medical Professionals make timely decisions and call the shots at the point of care using statistical data.


Key Requirements

We were entrusted with developing an application that will run smoothly on phones, tablets, and iPads. The app would enable the documentation and analysis of all the data from the HD Steth and connect via Bluetooth. All the reports and visualized graphs would be available in the palm of the medical professional in real time with the utmost accuracy.

Our Solution

We build a dynamic application that runs effortlessly on both Android and iOS platforms for HD Steth captures and plots ECG, PCG, and MUR waveforms in real-time. The data is transferred using Bluetooth technology to connect with the BLE device.

With multiple profile creation capabilities, the app can record EKG readings for different patients and hold them separately. These reports could be exported as PDFs and mailed to the user.

In addition to producing instantaneous and accurate charts, these graphs can also be customized to include changing colors of waveform, zoom factor, etc.

Another fascinating feature is that the app can capture the heart sound and render it as a WAV file for listening later, which also facilitates dynamic multi-point analysis (MPA) of data - a key element to help in prompt and precise diagnosis.


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Tech Stack

Current Status

Launched in 2020, the HD Steth application has been approved by the FDA in the USA. 1000+ Doctors have used the HD Steth app, and it continues to help identify heart diseases from a very early stage.