Object Detection & Tracking

Object Detection & Tracking
in Video Analytics

Object Detection & Tracking enables businesses to automatically detect and track objects


Object Detection & Tracking enables businesses to automatically detect and track objects of interest in video footage. Our Video Analytics solutions leverage AI algorithms to identify objects such as vehicles, people, and specific items. By enhancing security and surveillance capabilities, businesses can effectively monitor critical areas, detect anomalies, and mitigate potential risks.

Tech Stack

AI-based Object Detection

Utilize advanced AI algorithms to detect and identify objects of interest in video footage.

Tracking Algorithms

Implement tracking algorithms to follow the movement and trajectory of detected objects.

Object Classification

Classify detected objects into predefined categories such as vehicles, people, or specific items.

Real-time Monitoring

Continuously analyze video streams in real-time to detect and track objects as they appear or move within the frame.

Anomaly Detection

Identify and alert on suspicious or abnormal behavior, such as unauthorized objects or unusual movement patterns.

Integration with Surveillance Systems

Seamlessly integrate with existing surveillance infrastructure, including IP cameras and video management systems.

Event Triggering

Trigger specific actions or notifications based on object detection and tracking events, such as sending alerts to security personnel or activating alarms.

Historical Analysis

Analyze past video footage to extract insights and patterns related to object movement and behavior.


Handle large volumes of video data efficiently, enabling object detection and tracking across multiple cameras or locations.

Customization and Configuration

Provide flexibility to customize and configure object detection and tracking parameters based on specific business requirements.

Accuracy and Performance

Ensure high accuracy and real-time performance in object detection and tracking tasks through optimized algorithms and hardware acceleration.

Integration with Centralized Monitoring

Integrate with centralized monitoring systems or dashboards to provide a comprehensive view of detected objects and their movements.

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