Streamlining Recruitment with a Video Repository Platform

YouTube for Interviews

Video Repository Platform

A recruitment company faced challenges in pre-screening and pre-interviewing candidates for big tech firms. The process was manual and time-consuming, leading to difficulties in effectively evaluating and tracking the performance of candidates. The client envisioned automating the entire interview scheduling process.

Key Requirements

Scheduling Module:

A scheduling module was required as part of the platform, allowing recruiters and panelists to schedule and participate in interviews. 

Integration with Zoom:

The platform was integrated with Zoom, allowing recruiters and panelists to participate in interviews seamlessly. This integration provided a secure and convenient platform for conducting remote interviews, with the ability to record and store the interviews in the video repository.


To address the issue, a web application was built for the recruitment company, aimed at solving the problem of pre-screened or pre-interviewed candidates. The platform, dubbed “YouTube for Interviews”, provided a video repository of interviewed and screened candidates, helping big tech firms to recruit seamlessly. The platform also acted as a job portal, where candidates could apply and be interviewed, with their video submitted as a resume.


The web application built on AWS provided a comprehensive solution to the recruitment company’s problem of pre-screening and pre-interviewing candidates. The platform acted as a “YouTube for Interviews”, providing a video repository of interviewed and screened candidates, as well as a job portal for candidates to apply and be interviewed. The use of Amazon S3, RDS, EC2, CloudFront, CloudWatch, and the integration with Zoom and the development of a scheduling module ensured that the system was highly available, scalable, and cost-effective.

The platform has become an essential tool for big tech firms, providing them with a convenient and efficient way to evaluate and track the performance of candidates. The video repository has become a valuable resource for recruiters and panelists, providing them with a comprehensive view of candidate performance. The scheduling module has streamlined the interview process, allowing recruiters and panelists to participate in interviews seamlessly, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.


AWS Services Used

  • Amazon S3: To store the video repository of interviewed and screened candidates, ensuring high availability and durability.
  • Amazon RDS: To store candidate information and job details in a secure and scalable database.
  • Amazon EC2: To run the web application and ensure high availability and performance.
  • Amazon CloudFront: To distribute the web application to users with low latency and high throughput.
  • Amazon CloudWatch: To monitor the performance and availability of the system and receive alerts in case of any issues.


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