The Latest Design Resources Every Design Company Should Have Trends: Hip or Hype?

You may already be a skilled designer in a company and your company is already running out of their software budget, but the correct tools can greatly enhance your abilities and your company’s designing efficiency. 

Many free design tools can help you out, whether you’re working on a side project and are short on funds or have been given a restricted budget by a cash-strapped customer in your company. 

Using free pictures, typography, tools, and other assets, on the other hand, can often come at a cost. They could be of poor quality. Or, even worse, they may have been stolen from their genuine creators, who never intended them to be free on shady websites. 

As a result, I’ve pulled my resources to make things easier for you. 

You’ll find free design resources that are both high-quality and legally free to download on these sites. Whether you’re looking for photographs or videos, typefaces, or design tools, you’ll find what you need here. This might help you and your company go on a friendly budget on design resources stocked up in your computers.

Stock photos that are available for free 

1. The burst 

Shopify, an e-commerce platform, has launched a portal where anyone, whether or not they use Shopify, may get stock pictures for free. You may use them without attribution for both non-commercial and commercial purposes. The images are accessible in low or high resolution, and the overall quality is excellent. 

2. FreePhotos

Another site where you may find free Creative Commons photographs for your creative projects is Every day, a new photo is posted, and you can use it for personal or business projects without attribution. Just keep in mind that the images in the far right-hand column are not free, but rather connect to iStock photographs that can be purchased.

Illustrations for free 

  1. Joe Schmoe 

Web designers can utilize Joe Schmoe as an illustrated collection of avatars in their projects. They’re perfect for using as profile image placeholders for live websites or design mockups, and they’re designed by Silicon Valley studio Jon&Jess. 

  1. Drawkit 

DrawKit being the number four on the list it is a set of free, MIT-licensed SVG graphics in two styles that you may use on your next website, app, or project.

Icons that are available for free 

  1. Noun Project

The Noun Project brings together over two million curated icons developed by a global community and made freely available to designers. 

  1. Ionicons

Ionicons are premium icons for usage in web, iOS, Android, and desktop apps by designers. They’re all free and open source, thanks to the Ionic Framework team.

Fonts that are available for free 

  1. Google Fonts 

An easy-to-use and comprehensive collection of open source web fonts for designers to use as they see fit. Everything was built to the high standards that you’d expect from a web behemoth like Google. 

  1.  Emotype 

Emotype is a free font library that allows you to search for typefaces based on the emotions you wish to communicate on your website.

Kudoos, Go ahead with loads of designs!

I didn’t go over the key features and cost for each of these tools, because they are absolutely free (See, I got you my friend). This post seeks to provide designers with a list of vital free design resources that will help them improve their productivity and quality of work. 

Free fonts, tools, and technology resources will always be a graphic designer’s closest friends for commercial projects, whether they are just starting or are seasoned pros. 

Good luck with your future UI/UX works with these free tools!

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